About Graham

"Look! Look what I’ve done!!" The words of an eight year old as he holds up the drawing of a vibrant red fire engine. "Oh Graham, that’s wonderful."

Really? Oh this is good. You draw a picture and you get a reaction. I could get into this! And so it began. The seed was planted, further watered by bedtime rituals of propping pillows up against his bedroom wall, getting into bed to get lost in a family members reading of The Wind in the Willows.

A graduate of the illustration program at Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada, Graham began his career as a book designer for the respected Canadian publisher McClelland & Stewart in Toronto, Ontario. Graham thought he would stick around the “6” and in addition to his work as a book designer, he would also cultivate his Flock of Seagulls hair style and work on his dance floor moves. But alas, soon follicles started to recede and shoulder pads deflated, so Graham moved back to his hometown of Ottawa, Canada to contemplate his next career move.

It was in Ottawa, that Graham began his freelance illustration and graphic design career. A career that has resulted in illustrations for such publishers as Orca Book Publishers in Canada, Simon and Schuster in New York and Meadowside Books, and Random House in the United Kingdom, as well as numerous Canadian government agencies and private design firms.

New challenges, new opportunities, change and progression.  As a designer and illustrator, I’m a firm believer that design/illustration is more than the process of simply decorating a page, it’s strong visual imagery that reflects each client’s message and identity, a full measure of quality not quantity. 

With 25 years experience Graham has the initiative, creativity and drive necessary to face these challenges and to offer your particular organization a resource from which it can draw. (pardon the pun)